Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rift F2P

Recently our favourite MMO game Rift went F2P with also the release of a new zone the Dendrome, new raids, new chronicles and much more. So that is what we have been doing for the past week or so levelling our rogue which we now have to level 60 (our second level 60) but what do we think of the game going Free-2-play?

Storm Queen Crucia
In most F2P games, spending real money usually gives you a huge benefit on other players who decide not to spend tons of IRL cash on digital items. Is this the case with Rift? No. Although you can purchase mediocre gear with real money, the top notch gear has to be earned yourself, through raiding or PVP which ever path you choose to take.. which is great.

There are some things I disagree with however. The fact that you can purchase holiday event items with real money at any time of the year, Items such as mounts or companion pets which a lot of us spent many hours grinding and doing daily quests to earn. Also it makes them a hell of a lot more special when they aren't an all year round thing you can just purchase off the Rift store.

Its sad to see that a game like Rift had to go f2p, Almost everyone playing the game now who did not want to pay for the subscription are loving it and saying its the best MMO. I think if people realised this earlier the game would still be p2p, but hell who's complaining. The servers are full and there are world events everywhere. No longer is it hard to find a group for anything. They have already had to open a few more servers to deal with the enormous queue times with new players and old returning players trying to get back onto the game.

 If you have not played Rift yet, we suggest you give it a go, Why not? its free.

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